Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Best Advice Dr. Maya Angelou Has Ever Given—and Received - Super Sou...

My darling son,

I have found this place in me! I have forgiven you, I did that the morning we found you! There is no anger, how can you be angry with a human being that is struggling to just carry themselves through this life! That deep depression you had reached, I to had to visit that place. Not because of what you had done, but because of my own selfishness, for not wanting to allow you the ability to make a independent decision not to suffer any more! I was unwilling to allow you to leave me! You didn't finish your story, how dare you I thought! Maybe oh just maybe you did huh? Maybe you didn't finish mine! And that was not for you to do. That is for me to do!

I love you sweet angel, forever!

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