Monday, November 9, 2015

Wildfeather Wellness By Franchesca Cox

 Franchesca Cox , love her! Fellow mama of loss. Beautiful writer, healer of the soul.
Wildfeathers Wellness.
Grief is the New Black is a six week workshop designed especially for bereaved mothers and is written by a fellow loss mother, artist and writer, Franchesca Cox (former Editor and Founder of Still Standing Magazine). The purpose of the entire workshop series is to work through your grief in a tangible way, and secondly to find a safe haven in our online community page. This workshop is ongoing, which means you can start at anytime. The minute you sign up, you will have access to the material, and receive a weekly emails from that day forward for six weeks.
This is part one to the entire Choosing Your Breath workshop and has been especially designed for those early on in their grief after losing a child. This workshop will guide you through the new world of grief and help you make sense of some of the things going on in your head and heart. Whether your loss was a tragic happening or something you saw coming for months or years, there is nothing that can prepare you for the life you are asked to live without them. The material is raw, and explorative as it takes you into various avenues of grief so that you can thoroughly do your “Grief Work” on your own timeline. It is also welcoming for those who might not have dealt with or were unable to fully express their new grief right after their loss.

Who is this for?

This workshop is recommended for newly bereaved mothers, or those who may have not been able to deal with grief right after loss, but ultimately if the description above sounds like something you might benefit from, it is for you.

How much will this cost?

This workshop is donation based. These types of workshops for grieving communities given elsewhere normally run anywhere from $29-$90 but the goal here is to make it accessible to those who need it most. The follow-up workshops to Grief is the New Black are each $15, but you can give what you can for this one, or nothing at all.

I’m interested, but what can I expect in this workshop?

This workshop is 100% done online, and can be done on your own time frame. You do not have to complete the tasks within the six week period. The materials will be accessible to you through download which will enable you to continue to work long after our workshop is over. The prompts to work through your grief are recommended to reap the most benefits from the workshop, but still completely optional. You also will not be “turning in” any work that you do, however there will be place to share what you have created or done with the weekly prompt’s in a secret Facebook group, if you feel like sharing. You can engage as much or as little as you wish in our group. This workshop is here to serve YOU in your grief – wherever that might be and whatever that might look like.

Additionally, you can expect:

+ to be given suggestions for practical ways to work through different obstacles we face in grief (i.e. anger, lack of trust of your own body, dealing with the real world after loss, etc)
+ weekly ideas for self-care
+ digital prints and coloring pages that you are free to print off at your leisure with quotes or meditative thoughts.
+ and at the end of the workshop you will receive a PDF of the entire workshop for you to keep forever
What others are saying about this workshop:
“Thank you so much for putting my emotions down in black and white. It helps to pinpoint what seems foggy in my head at times.”
“I LOVE this workshop and every week hits me.”
“I actually find myself going back to old workshops and retweeking them. It’s really therapeutic!”
“Thank you for this workshop!! I thought I was healing in my own but I wasn’t! This has really helped me so much. Thank you for taking your hard things and turning them into something beautiful.”

What materials do I need?

In short, this workshop is meant to be accessible and it is highly encouraged that you use what you already have in your home. For example: a spiral notebook, a journal, or even an old hardbound book to turn into an art journal (directions for this will be given), any type of paints, pens, markers, pencils, newspaper, doilies, the list goes on. For art journaling and all of the prompts given you hardly need to spend anything to participate.                      


                                               When gratitude feels impossible

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