Friday, November 8, 2013

Hard Things....Ann Woodly

There are things to hard to tell;
Images that defy imagining:
Concepts too horrific for the mind to hold;
But they reside with us.
Take up residence in our brain;
Cleaving the soul like shards of glass;
Shattering all you know into useless,
granular pieces; 
Striking with a furry that knocks you to your knees.
They are persistent, merciless visions,  
laying waste to all you once believed.
Shredding ego, leaving you disemboweled, vacant, bleeding.
And this is a terminal condition; whether it kills us or not, 
one thing is certain; we will die with it!
How am I you ask?
Do you really want to know?
I wouldn't think so!
But since you inquired I will invite you into my memory.
Welcome this is where I live now!

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