Sunday, September 8, 2013

Quote On Out of the Ashes Facebook Page

This quote speaks to me as a mother who has lost a son to suicide. How true a word ever spoken: the lesson is the hardest one I've ever faced...and I am no willing student.
Give it time is what people keep saying as I continue here without you.  As if time is some magic elixir that will heal the pain of losing one so dearly loved. How can time take away the pain of an unspoken goodbye?  How can time fill the vast and empty space of broken and lost dreams as I watch the world keep turning without you? Time can’t even give me the answer to the simple question of ‘why?’  No ... time does not heal.  Time is merely a teacher.  A teacher that is forcing me to make room for the pain, the grief and the never-ending longing to see your smile again and hold you close.  Time does not heal, time instructs, and the lesson is the hardest one I've ever faced . . . and I am no its unwilling student.  
Kelly Polley

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