Thursday, September 26, 2013

Your Girl Came To Visit You Tonight

Your baby was here Mat...she came for you again! She always does, of course you know she does! Everytime I see her I realize why it was that you picked her. She is so beautiful and so sweet. Her smile melts your heart as I'm sure you already know baby boy. What a wonderful choice you made we so approved! She was definitely the best one by far!!!! Very mature, with a beautiful personality, we can always see the attraction, it's so easy. You 2 were perfect, absolutely perfect. When I look at the pictures of you and her and you and other girlfriends you had, it's so obvious the reason you said, I am going to marry this one. Wish that could have come true. The look you had in your eyes was love, only love for her, wish you could have been level headed enough to realize all that you had. It was there Mat.
She still comes to be there with you baby, just like we do. That dam tree is so awful in one breath and in another so dam comforting, most likely because that was where you took your last breath. I still sit and I still cry and I still get lost there, lost with thoughts of you. I always feel if I am there I am still with you, even though I know you are everywhere not just there.
I love you my darling Mat, my angel and I know in my heart she was just so much in love with you! I would have taken her in a moment into our family. There are a couple I sure wouldn't have said that about but I am really mad that I will never have the chance to have her become a part of our family. The crazies and the control freaks just weren't your style...THANK GOD!!! Your sweet Ashley, I think that was the one for you....obviously huh?
Adoring you always my darling Mat...I won't forget! And I am pretty sure she never will either! Always good memories Bubba, always!
Love tonight from your 2 girls! <3 <3

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