Friday, May 9, 2014

A Birthday In Heaven

How melancholy now this day when you were born--
A day we used to greet with balloons and streamers and song.
How I loved to see the smile on your face and in your eyes
As you saw the surprises we had hidden away.
You jumped with excitement at the thought of the party to come
With all your special friends
And games and music and prizes and fun--
And, of course, best of all, the cake made just for you,
Embellished with your name and age and all ablaze with candles.
Oh, the magic of closing your eyes and making the perfect wish
That was sure to come true!
Now, the only wish that I would ever make
Can never come to pass--
For you cannot return.
A great longing to see you and hold you and kiss you
Comes over me and brings me down.
Still, even in my grief, come flashes
Of memories that can never fade--
The sweetness of your smile and voice,
The goodness of your soul.
And deep within me rises again
The hope that we will meet once more,
In God's own time and place.
Happy birthday, my precious son! 

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