Saturday, May 31, 2014

~ I Linger ~

~ I Linger ~ 

"Over the hill, and through the glenn I linger
It is here you can come to me ~
Safe to carry your ache and your tears
And lay them down in the soft grass ~
I will tend to them.

Time and again I will wait for you here ~
You will feel me touch your cheek
As the breeze brushes your skin
Safe in the knowing that it is in the release
You will begin to heal.

Know this my love ~ I am ok.
Can you feel that when I say it?
How true it really is?

It is you I am caring for now ~
Carrying you across the bridge of sorrow
To the other side ~ where the sun shines
And you remember the days I was with you
Rather than the days I was not.

I wish you godspeed in that journey my love ~
For it is there that once again our hearts unite
And we carry on ~
Apart ~ and yet ... in so many ways
Together again.

It is what I wish for ~ and know it will come to be
That you remember me with love and laughter
For it is only then ... we will be free."

Christa Thompson

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