Saturday, May 10, 2014



Mother’s Day is coming soon,
I know this breaks your heart.
I wish that I could call you,
Or send a special card.
This year I won’t be able
To do these things for you.
Although you cannot hear me, I’m saying I love you.
I wish that we could be together,
In a way you understand,
Although you cannot feel me,
I’ve been holding your hand.
I know you need me there with you,
You miss me more each day.
Although you cannot see me,
I have not gone away.
For a Mother’s love for her child
Cannot be torn apart.
Even death cannot destroy
The love inside your heart.
The bond we share is stronger
Than the rules of life and death.
And I know that you will love me
As you take your dying breath.
Then we’ll be together again,
The way it was meant to be.
Mother and child reunited
Loving each other

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