Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Losing A Child

Losing A Child

It’s hard to accept losing a child 
Why wasn't it me 
Life is too short as it is 
I don’t agree that it's our destiny 

Each day we continue on with our daily tasks 
Coping until there is a reminder 
Of their birthday or first date 
Why do I ponder 

Leaning on people is not my fancy 
Although tormenting myself is a sin 
I hope a day will come, in time 
I can hurdle my grief from within 

When you grieve the loss of a child 
It’s not in the natural order of things 
For a child to die before his/her parents 
The nightmare never ends, it’s not dwindling 

As the reality of the death settles in 
Intense anger at the thought 
Deep anguish that the loss is “forever” 
God help me with the peace I have sought 

The grief may intensify with time 
Although my friends say it never ends 
Lost to the grim specter of death 
They lost a part of themselves, they lost a friend

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