Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Birthday My Darling....We Miss You So

CALLING ALL ANGELS - (PAY IT FW's song) All Vocals by María BozziniC

Kisses up to heaven my darling angel! Watch over me please, stay near me. When I close my eyes I feel you with me. When I cry so hard it feels as if I may never snap out of it, something calms me as if to protect me from any further heartache, could that be you? I surely hope and pray. Forever my darling, you are forever with me, never to be forgotten. I got a cupcake and I ate it and I cried, for you my darling it was the one we missed together. Your dad said I couldn't have a birthday cake for you, well the hell with him, I will always celebrate the day I brought you into this world and I will try not to remember so much the day my heart was broken.
 Always Loving You, Mom and  Dad

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