Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mat And Travis

Love This picture of you 2! Silly boys!
I used to be so happy seeing you and your buddy and best friend Travis together. I remember you saying to me mom, he is just like me, we really like the same things and we make each other laugh, we just have a really good time hanging out. I was so happy for you my son. You 2 were inseparable at times, where Mat was Travis was and vice versa.
When you died my son, you took a part of him with you. You took a part of a lot of people but you really hurt his heart and when you left him here struggling it was almost unbearable as well! Now I got to once again sit back and see another heart harmed by this dam thing called SUICIDE, aka torment of the soul!
The effects of this single act has hurt and harmed more hearts than I would have ever imagined. At times I feel as if I can't breathe, as if I am suffocating with the pain of this loss, I can only wonder how it feels to one day have your best friend ripped right out from under your heart and to be left with no explanation, especially someone that shares everything with you! And life moves on, days go by and still you are not here to share things with! We just pray and talk and hope in our hearts that you hear us and you are with us when we cry!

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