Saturday, June 1, 2013


Perhaps one day we’ll understand
Why God decided to take your hand
And lead you into Heaven above
Surrounded by His tender love.

Never does a day pass by
That we don’t ask the question"Why?"
Why did God take our precious son?
Was it something we had done?
We hope to face the Lord one day
And ask Him why you couldn’t stay
On earth with those who loved you so,
Those who wanted to see you grow.

We mourn for the things that will not be,
For the things with you, we'll never see,
The fun and games we'll never share,
For special times when you won't be there.

No more to see your smiling face,
Nothing will ever take your place.
In our hearts you will always stay,
While we await that "One Sweet Day."

That "One Sweet Day" in Heaven above,
Where we will meet and affirm our love.
Once more our arms will hold you tight,
As in God's presence we'll reunite.

Until that day, we must live our lives
Ensuring each memory of you survives,
And feel your presence, ever near,
Each time we shed a painful tear.

"See you in Heaven," you'll hear us say,
As you watch over us every day,
Then when our lives on earth are done,
We know you'll be the one to come.

You'll take us gently by the hand,
And lead us to God's Heavenly land,
Where all together we will be
Our, once more, happy family.

~Bea Brunton

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