Saturday, April 12, 2014

I Am So Alone

I am so alone in this darkness,
I don't know what to do!
I am so lost my darling, 
So very lost without you. 
I am going through the motions,
each and every day. 
count down every
second that you've been gone away.
I wander through this life now, I no longer
feel this is home!
How does a mother live through 
the breaking of her heart?
How does one recover from a pain
no one should bare?
Move on, remember to breath they 
say, Oh just go away! 
You do not know of this sadness,
and God I pray you never will!
My heart it has stopped beating,
and my soul forever changed. 
My angel he's in Heaven, but dammit
he isn't here with me.
You cannot comfort me!
My only comfort lies, 
a million miles away.
There are no words now, that can bring
him home tonight.
Neither will there be as long as I am 
So bring me home to him Dear Lord,
bring me to his side. 
As long as I'm alive Dear Lord, I feel 
we're only wasting time!
Take me home Dear Lord, my babies
missing me.

Love you forever sweet darling, missing you every
single second of every single day!

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