Sunday, April 20, 2014

Who Mat Was

Mat was funny and sweet and handsome and wonderful!
Mat was smart and clever.
Mat was someone you could call your friend and know that it was so!
Mat would do anything for a friend, sometimes that would get him into
some trouble, he felt it was worth it.
Mat was someone who thrived off of human relationships and bonds, someone
whose family was everything to him.
Mat was a perfectionist, what may have brought about his demise.
Mat loved music and SHOES, and American Eagle, and worn out jeans.
Mat loved learning about anything and everything. Mat loved to draw
and read a good Stephan King book on occasion.
Mat was kind and gentle and sweet.
Mat was a wonderful son who made us, his parents, proud beyond measure
on countless and numerous occasions.
Mat was a ladies man, and he was a romantic. He loved to buy pretty
things for his girl.
Mat was an exceptional human being, never again will he walk this earth
among us, and this earth is changed because of the decision that he made.
One night, in just a few moments, a few hours, his decision impacted the lives
of hundreds of people.
Because of a decision to end his life, countless others are now empty and without
his great and perfect love. Without his smile and his sweetness. Without him!
Mat may have been a million things, he may have been someone great or
should I say greater than who he was to us. An Einstein, an Edison, we will never know.
And that is my point exactly, we will never, ever know!

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