Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Words Of The Uninitiated

The Words of the Uninitiated.
It's something we all encounter,
To a greater or lesser degree.
Some people who never lost a child,
Think they know better than me.
It is the scourge that can plague us,
When your child is forever gone.
'I know you won't get over it,
But you have to start to move on'. 
It's words like these that cut us,
And make us feel that we're wrong,
How dare they make assumptions,
That I am grieving too long.
'You need to get out and get moving,
It will do you good in the end'
How can they utter such platitudes
And still think they're a friend?
The worst one for me is comparison,
They think they have walked in my shoes.
They say they have lost a relative,
But a child is different to lose.
How can I explain what it feels like? 
How your life is so ripped apart.
How your heart wants to cease to function,
How every new day feels as bad as the start.
I know they don't mean to hurt us, 
They're wanting to help make us whole,
But when a part of your life is missing,
What's left is a huge hole in your soul
Yvonne Rhodes. 

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