Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Just Like A Sister To You

Matt you are not gone from my life and never will be. I have so many great memories with you. Me chasing you around the kitchen table till you wiped out them we both fell to the ground laughing, those late night you me and Jessy Riley would sit in the tree house and watch movies, hanging out with you, Rj and Morgan all the time and ensuring Kathy and your dad that as long as you were with me I'd keep you out of trouble. I watched you grow up from second grade and the pesky little brother me and your sister always picked on because you pranked us to amazing young man you became. I will never forget any of times we spent together and I will always cherish you and the love I felt for the brother you were and are to me♥ I love you little brother, rest in peace♥
Dominique Mellinger

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