Thursday, August 1, 2013


 God could have stopped you
As you tied that rope around the limb in that tree,
By gently whispering,"It's not your time son".
Just willing you to put the rope away,
And face the challenge of another day.

But He knew that your spirit was sadly broken
Although the words had never been spoken.
He also knew that you were seeking His face
And the promise of life in a better place.

So as a tear rolled from His eye,
He whispered, "I'll just be standing by.
I will not encourage nor interfere,
Just feel My presence standing near.

For with all the miracles I can do,
I must leave this choice up to you.
If you feel that you just cannot go on,
I'll welcome you to your Heavenly home.

Though I would prefer that you could stay
To follow my life's plan for another day.
But I cannot promise all joy and wealth,
Or great happiness or robust health.
If you do not have the strength to carry on,
Maybe it is time to come to Heaven's home".

The  young man breathed a heavy sigh
And said, "I can no longer try".
Rope around his neck, he drew his last breath
And jumped to his death...
As he heard a soft voice…
Say "It's not My will son--but I accept your choice!

(Author Unknown)

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