Friday, August 30, 2013

Poem By Evelyn Brine

Everyday is A new beginning, 
Sometimes losing ,sometimes winning, 
Yet there is Really nothing to win, 
A New Day of life simply Begins! 

We are not the same As before, 
Since suicide opened it's horrific door, 
Life Goes on, Regardless Of Pain, 
Wondering If We live Each Day in Vain? 

When We suffered that first grief, 
When The Pain showed No Relief, 
When We asked the If"s and Why's, 
Exhausted , drained of All but A sigh 

Somehow We found our Way, 
To survive Still another Day, 
As we held the deep dispair, 
Pain became our greatest Care, 

Pain so enormously Great, 
Held us down With all It's weight, 
Focused wasn't A gift for Me, 
Beyond such Pain I could not See. 

My Entire life was mine to Gain, 
As time overruled the pain, 
Sense of time, I have no clue, 
I only know it can happen for You. 

Everyday is A beautiful Beginning, 
We think We're Losing, We Are Winning, 
A New Life compassionate And strong, 
A life of wisdom And where We belong! 

Evelyn Brine 

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