Saturday, August 17, 2013

You think I'm not there!

I saw the tears fall from your eyes. 
I saw the anguish on your face. 
I too once believed all those lies.
Heaven and hell had been taught in that place.
You think that I am no longer there
You don't understand I can be anywhere

Thoughts replaced knowing what was deep inside.
Needing to fit in, to belong, began to fill my head
    What really was became the illusion and the truth had to hide. The only choice heaven or hell the world of religions said.
So you think I am not there just because I died!
You are wrong for they all have lied.
I try to show you things, touch you to let you know I am near
Yet what you don't understand you have chosen to fear.
I don't want to scare you so I try different things
Sometimes a butterfly or a dragonfly on something with wings.
You think of me often, wondering why, your body will tremble and you again cry,
Please think of my laughter, let go of the pain, for I am free now and with you again.

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