Monday, August 12, 2013

Dear Mat

Today was a ok day! I missed you every moment of it! So many times I could have used your listening ear, but  I still talk to you, just like you are here! Just like now. As usual I can' t sleep again! Hopefully when I do get to sleep you are there, you have been before! Some nights I don' t dream at all and thats just how it is! I wish you could see your nephew! I wonder if its true that the spirits of our loved ones passed hold the souls of the new babies coming into the family!  What a joy to know! That maybe you were there with Emileo's soul before he was born! Well I love you baby boy! Good night, please come to me in my dreams! Hey I joined a group for parents of children who have committed suicide! Maybe it will help! I love you baby boy to infinity and beyond and then I will love you more! Mamma! <3 P. S. I finished the trailer with your memorial! Looks beautiful!

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