Friday, August 30, 2013

The Suicide Curse By Evelyn Brine

They stood alone in the dark,
A numbness tore at their Heart,
for their child completed suicide,
Am emptyness they could not Hide,

Could not hide? what do you mean?
Why hide the facts that need to be seen?
Were you one moment yet Ashamed,
It would be degrading to your Name?

As it was many many years ago?
Shh!, We must not Let anyone Know,
So They kept it all repressed,
Next generation Met the same Death!

Repression is terrible indeed,
Never brings help to one in Need,
Nothing to be shamed about suicide,
It Is simply the Way one was to Die.

The only shame that one should Feel,
The fact ,their illness could not be Healed!
If It was Cancer or any other Disease,
Society would never put on the freeze.

How do we educate The cluless Ones?
We start by doing what must be done,
I for one would Definitely Insist,
Died by suicide, Read The OBit.

By doing this , What would I Gain?
Maybe another would do the Same,
It could become A lengthy chain
Proving that none of us are Ashamed

Our children lived, To society they Gave
Carrying their illness, they were Brave,
They did not wait &sit idly By,
Knowing that they were going to die.

They lived A life that was Fulfilling,
Doing their job which encluded giving,
To society whatever the cost,
How soon , It Would be their Loss,

For Society has become their judge,
Society still holds A Grudge,
It Is up to us to change this Course,
To Rid our loved ones of the suicide curse.

Evelyn Brine

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