Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dearest Sweet Baby Boy

Just as everyday I miss you so! Your sister and I have once again come to meet in the middle ground, really was all my fault again. You know I am so dam stuck on stuff! Well I got stuck again! The day your nephew was born I had a feeling, can't explain it. It was a bad one. Not about the baby or your sister, it was just inside of me! I panicked baby boy, that's the only way I can explain it, I just panicked. I couldn't stop it and I couldn't change it. It was awful! I could feel this emptiness and it was as though I should have been so very happy, but I just couldn't, I couldn't when you were not there to share it with us. It took me back to May 9th, 1996 and it shouldn't have. Crazy how things just happen!It just went down hill from there. Everything bad that could happen did. Wish you were there you would have changed so much. Anyways July 31, 2013 Emileo was welcomed into the world and you were not here and guess what neither was I! I was with you in my mind and my heart!
Love you, good night!

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