Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dear God

May I be excused just for the day 
from the lessons of life in this huge classroom  
where we live and learn?
I am finding the lessons 
of this earth too hard to learn.
Just for the day, can I stop to rest in a quiet place  
and lay down my head.  
As you know, I have lost my son,  
and the role is too hard for me to play on this day,  
the words spoken are false  
my face is a mask, and my smiles are fake.  
The only truth I see is love, and that I find hard to see today  
So please, God  
may I have this day  
just for me  
no worries  
no lessons  
no pain  
just my inner peace 
that's been missing for some time.  
Please God may I be excused.  
Just for the day? 

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