Friday, August 30, 2013


Forgiveness ends suffering that stems from harboring rage towards oneself 
or others. It lets the air out of the balloons of holding one's breath, 
filled with anger. When you decide that a wrong has occurred -- regardless of the 
perpetrator -- you place that situation into a prison cell and hold it 
captive in your consciousness. 

The perception of 'evil' that you harbor within yourself is akin to 
swallowing a foreign virus that subsequently attacks your physical self. It is 
impossible to perceive evil and harbor it in consciousness and not have it 
negatively impact you. 

Forgiveness frees these unwanted tenants from your system, freeing you to 
heal on many dimensions. When we speak of forgiveness, though, we see 
certain efforts in this direction falling short of their mark. Forgiveness with 
judgment is ineffective. To be free is to release the judgment of wrongdoing 

Give the situation to God and the angels, and know that we will effectively 
guide the situation -- and all involved. In that way, you will not need to 
be the captor or the judge of the situation or people, whether they be 
'perpetrators' or 'victims'. 

You are given the power to heal, a power so lovely that if you cast your 
eyes before it, you would fall to your knees in awe of the Creator's great 
gift to you! Your willingness to utilize your power in the in the name of 
healing is a chief incentive for you to allow forgiveness to reign. 

You are not forgiving because of some prescript, but because you can 
forgive. You are not forgiving to gain or to lose something, but because you can 
forgive. Your power is so great that you have the ability to forgive all. . . 
for all. 

Forgive yourself, Darling Child of God, for your harsh judgments of your 
reality! You have selected instances of your life, and judged them strongly 
with malice. Yet, is this a way to heal yourself or others? 

Does such self-judgment remove your consciousness from the Light? For the 
only judgment worthy of you is this: In each situation, ask whether each 
thought, each word, and each deed creates a greater or a lesser awareness of 

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