Friday, August 23, 2013

Have To Stand Back Baby Boy, Take A Breath

There are days when I feel as if I can't even take a breath in it's so hard for me. School is starting and we should be shopping. God how I miss that! It is almost unbearable. I try baby boy. I try to just get up and just move on. But with the sad realization that you are not here to move on with. This was your big year, you were going to be a senior! Driving and looking forward to the years ahead. Now all I do is count the days you have been gone. Count the seconds, count the minutes even. I just have to stay with the now. I just keep telling myself, move along, move along. I see your pictures and still tears roll down my face. I hold them close to my heart, there will be no more pictures of my darling son. Now the days just pass us. Memories are all we have baby. So I just stand back and I just take a breath! Its all I can do!

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