Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dearest Mat

Today was the fair. Your favorite nephew Landen road the Ferris wheel, loved it! I saw a boy that looked just like you. Even had that hair thing going on! God how I miss your hair and your twinkling sweet baby blues. I really miss everything about you, especially your smile. Oh and that laugh and our talks and the way you loved me no matter what! Just like I loved you! Crazy how much I cried when I saw that boy and I closed my eyes and I said when I open them it will be you, God how we humans can be so delirious sometimes! God how I wished. Death is so very ugly! So cold today after April 20th, I really hate the cold even more then I used to remember? I was such a baby in the cold! God how I love you my darling sweet angel! See you soon sweet baby boy I will meet you with kisses and smiles and we will talk and laugh and dance the days away!
To infinity and beyond eternity!
In my heart and soul you live on!
Kisses to heaven!
Missing you so Mama! 

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